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Personalise your mobile.

Mobile personalisation has been going on for years, but gone are the days when you had to painstakingly notate your own ringtones if you wanted to customise and expand the basic range. Most manufacturers and network providers allow users to browse, buy and download wallpapers, ringtones and themes to give their handsets a touch of their individual personalities, so if you are searching for a phone which lets you express yourself then read on to find out about the best options out there.

iPhone 4
Apple paved the way for making purchases of custom content using a mobile phone when it launched the App Store as an addition to its iTunes download platform. The iPhone 4 is the latest handset and it has outsold its rivals by a significant margin. From the App Store and iTunes you can download millions of music tracks, ring tones and applications, with a dedicated software library stretching beyond 300,000 separate programs. If you have already used iTunes to purchase songs on your Mac or PC then buying is easier than ever and totally secure.

HTC Desire HD
With Android 2.2 onboard and a very open approach to customisation the HTC Desire HD is the latest in this popular range which actively encourages users to personalise their experience. You can find wallpapers and widgets to add to the seven homescreens as well as picking any tune you like for your ringtone. With the Android Market onboard the phone you can have access to over 100,000 apps to customise the mobile further and like all modern Android handsets this phone has an array of live wallpapers which have graphically engaging elements which expand upon the basic static images which are also an option.

The great thing about downloading ringtones and wallpapers is that although you can go through the sanctioned channels offered by manufacturers and networks, most mobiles have enough forward-thinking technology to allow you access to virtually any type of custom file. With microSD memory cards offering removable storage for most handsets coupled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allowing for sharing amongst friends there is no end to the personalisation possibilities.

Orange San Francisco
If you want all of the features of Android 2.2 but in a package that is priced at the pay as you go end of the market then this is the mobile for you. Unlike other cheap phones with touchscreen displays the San Francisco is not a pain to use thanks to its harnessing of capacitive technology. Like the Desire HD it can also be customised with its own fully modifiable homescreens, wallpapers and access to the Android Market for app downloads.

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